White Oak Farms is a wholesale grower of ornamental, shade and evergreen trees. We are located in Social Circle, Georgia which is less than an hour east of Atlanta.

White Oak Farms began in 1989 as a 10-acre tree operation in historic Social Circle, Georgia by owners, Charlie and Judy Jones. Mr. Jones is better known as the founder and CEO of Jordan, Jones & Goulding,   a prominent consulting engineering firm.

In the early 1990’s, Mr. Jones purchased Southeastern Wholesale Nursery, which grew to 5 stores located throughout Atlanta and Charlotte. The tree farm operation primarily supplied the wholesale nursery operation. In 2005, he sold Southeastern Wholesale Nursery allowing him to focus his attention on the tree farm operation.

White Oak Farms is family owned and operated. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality plant material at a fair price. Over the past 21 years, our tree growing operation has expanded to approximately 130 acres with over 45,000 trees. We have over 50 varieties of ornamental, shade and evergreen trees. We offer several varieties of oak, maple, magnolia, crape myrtle, holly, redbud and more. We also have native specimens like Blackgum, Tulip Poplar and Bald Cypress.

Our goal at White Oak Farms is to provide high quality plant material at a competitive price. We will continue to offer the selection demanded by the landscape industry for today’s competitive market.

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