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Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Dawn Redwood  


Available Sizes
None available


HARDINESS: Zones  5-8  

GROWTH HABIT: 70'-90 high with a 15’-25''spread. Large deciduous conifer.  Symmetrical  pyramid form. Vigorous growth rate.  Tolerates wet soil sites.

FOILAGE: Needle-like green that turns orange to yellow in fall. 

BARK: Rough, red- brown; with large buttress-like  flare at base of trunk .

LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Looks like an evergreen but is deciduous. Excellent specimen tree due to its ornamental look and winter interest. Good plant for wet sites.  Tolerant of urban air pollution.  Excellent for parks, golf courses or large estates.  Needs large area to expand in order to look its best.

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