If you are a landscape contractor, landscape architect, nursery re-wholesaler, builder or developer White Oak Farms has quality trees for your commercial, industrial, or residential project.


Question: Do you sell to the public?
Answer: We are a wholesale tree grower who sells to professionals in the green industry. We do not offer retail sales at this time.

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: Our farm is in Social Circle, Georgia which is about 60 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia; 25 miles south of Athens, Georgia; approximately 90 miles west of Augusta, Georgia.


Question: Why havenít I ever heard of your farm? How long have you been in business?
Answer: We began in 1989 as a small family growing operation. In the early 1990ís, we expanded and primarily supplied a sister company which was a re-wholesale nursery. In 2005, this nursery was sold and White Oak Farms expanded once again to focus on professionals in the green industry including landscape architects, landscape contractors, builders, developers, brokers and re-wholesalers.


Question: What type of trees do you have?
Answer: We have over 47 varieties of deciduous, shade and evergreen trees. These include maple, magnolia, oak, crape myrtle, holly, leyland cypress, cryptomeria, deodar cedar, arborvitae, ligustrum, riverbirch, redbud, Chinese pistach, elm, dawn redwood, black gum, goldenrain tree, tulip poplar, european hornbeam.


Question: Are your trees balled and burlapped (B&B) or in containers?
Answer: All our trees are B&B. We machine dig our trees according to AAN standards to determine the proper root ball size. We wrap the root ball in burlap and use wire baskets with nylon strap to wrap the branches which protects the tree from limb breakage during handling.


Question: Do you offer shipping?
Answer: White Oak Farms does not offer shipping, however we do have good relationships with several trucking firms and can help arrange shipping. All freight costs are extra and are paid directly to shipper.

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