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Betula nigra 'BNMTF'
Dura Heat® Riverbirch


Available Sizes
5' 6' 7'


HARDINESS: Zones 4 to 9.

GROWTH HABIT: 50' high with a  35' spread . Upright and oval with a dense and compact structure. Can be multi or single-stemmed. Moderate to fast growth rate.  Full sun to part shade;  prefers moderate to moist sites.

FOILAGE: Excellent foilage characteristics. Smaller medium to dark green leaves turn shades of yellow in fall. Less prone to drop leaves from summer drought stress than other cultivars.

BARK: Smooth greenish brown when young. Mature bark exfoliates in large thin sheets becoming gray-brown in color. Beige inner bark is exposed as older bark exfoliates.

LANDSCAPE VALUE:  Specimen tree. Adaptable to urban growing sites especially for buffer areas, as a street tree or in medians.  Presents an open and airy look.

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